Holistic Treatments

Massage comes in various forms and each is useful in its own right to improves the functions of the body.
Mostly used for stress reduction and relaxation. Swedish massage has techniques that is  a  firm Massage
to aid relaxation , soothe muscle tension and to help improve circulation and skin tone.
Upgrade to Hot stone massage where heat penetrates deep into the skin tissue and provides deep therapeutic benefits.

Reflexology works the meridians of the body through zones in the feet and can be more that useful for
those clients who prefer not to undress and are looking for the benefits of preventative health care both
physiologically or physiologically. Ayurvedic facial zonal massage is a positive therapy for total relaxation and the
benefit for some clients of not needing to undress. Not to  mention the range of touch therapy treatments and
thermal touch therapy’s, all designed to de-stress and benefit  your health by lowering blood pressure,
improving circulation, muscular relaxation. Touch is also a very primitive requirement to
soothe and induce feelings of nurture.