Zoë’s Hair and Beauty Salon based in Yeovil, Somerset, Zahra Method of Hair Removal offering soft, sensual skin with the minimum of amount of discomfort.
The method uses the effective yet gentle ancient hand techinque as used by the North African Arabs, dating
back thousand of years.

The Waxing wraps around the hair following the direction of growth, floating over
the skin and flicked off removing the hair from as far down the hair folicle as possible, resulting in fine regrowth of hair. 

With regular treaatments the hair will be come sparce with many Clients reporting the loss of hair growth.
Gentle enough for facial hair for both ladies and gentlemen, yet with effective strength for the most
intimate hair removal requirements or very  course hair growth. Other benefits of Sugaring include
improved skin condition, dead skin cells are gathered into the sugar paste.

The minute residue attracts moisture from the atmosphere.  Waxing is made from the natural ingrediant,
together with lemon jiuce and water. With these anti bacterial properties cross contamination
is elminated.growth while the hair is